Our Story

Back in 2004

We learned how to tell stories with engaging imagery and we made them an emotional experience. We’ve translated this experience to telling stories for businesses, artists and government agencies. Everyone has a story to tell and how they add value to people’s lives. We specialize in overview videos, document events, commercials (promotional videos), tutorial videos, music videos and animation videos. Our goal is to add as much value to your business.


What makes a great video?
A great video is made of a great story and every person, artist or business has many stories to tell. That’s what we focus on. We mix storytelling with beautiful imagery, animations and all the ingredients that can propel your story to something memorable and unique.


Who we are:
We are a team of multi-skilled creatives in the fields of filmmaking, animation, music, photography and graphic design. We are based in Austin and San Antonio, Texas and we travel anywhere in the world where the story might be.

Thank you for your interest and consideration.
We hope to add a lot of value to you and your projects.

Sincerely, Ricardo Mendoza Wheeler (Founder of StoryMakers)

Feel free to ask any questions at rm@storymakers.co

Benefits of StoryMakers:

– Fully insured video production company
– Access to a HUGE library of Royalty Free Music
– Certified by the FAA to fly and film drone footage